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Make sure you book the correct type of appointment!

CHIROPODY: Appointments are for corns/callus/fungal nails/athletes foot/nail cutting New £40 Review £35
PODIATRY : Foot and heal pain, sports related problem. Bunions, painful joints, New £54 Review £40
CHILDREN: Under 16 years of Age - any lower limb problems New £40 Review £35
INGROWING NAIL: This is to assess if you need nail surgery for painful nail conditions New £25
SIMPLE NAIL CUT: You must have had a new chiropody appointment first. Review £30

Nail Surgery - No Waiting List

No waiting list

Ingrowing toe nails can be very painful and debilitating. We can carry out nail surgery on a Saturday, review you on Sunday so that your back to work or school on Monday.
You need to book an ASSESSMENT appointment where we will examine your toe, discuss the options available to you, ensure your fit for nail surgery. We will then book your date for the procedure, this can normally be arrange within 7 days of your ASSESSMENT appointment, if not sooner.